Product Development Resources For Inventors & Entrepreneurs

Product development can be puzzling to first-timers and veterans, as each new product brings its own unique challenges. When confusion sets in, it helps to step back, take a deep breath, and see what the experts have to say. The easiest place to start is by checking out the many product development resources the Internet has to offer. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best and most informative such resources out there.

1) The New Product Development Body of Knowledge

The new product development body of knowledge is a massive directory of helpful theoretical and how-to articles on all aspects of product development. Everything from competitive strategy to engineering to product specifications are discussed in detail by experts and fellow inventors, enabling you to benefit from their collected experience and wisdom. If you are new to product development, this is the perfect place to immerse yourself into the field. If you are an experienced inventor with specific tough questions, one of the many articles in the database is likely to contain the answer.

2)’s product development category

At first glance,’s product development section might look like “just another article directory”, but it is anything but. A more thorough examination reveals original, insightful, problem-solving articles and blog posts from respected experts. Inventors will find a variety of useful topics being discussed, including crowdsourcing, feature fatigue (and how to avoid it), and collaborating with customers to deliver products they are sure to want.

3) Six Principles For Making New Things

As the maverick venture capitalist behind the early stage firm Y Combinator, Paul Graham is in constant contact with innovators and product developers. These experiences led him to lay out what he believes are the six most important principles for making new things, be it new software, products, or services. In short, these principles are:

“Find (a) simple solutions (b) to overlooked problems (c) that actually need to be solved, and (d) deliver them as informally as possible, (e) starting with a very crude version 1, then (f) iterating rapidly.”

Each principle is a bit more complex than this, and Graham spends considerable time explaining them in more detail. Whether you’re stuck at a decision-making crossroads or just starting out, you will surely profit from reading this eye-opening article!

4) Time to Market Improvement in Product Development

How long it takes to bring a concept from your imagination to the marketplace goes a long way toward determining your success or failure. Not surprisingly, much thought and research has gone into getting this right. offers a helpful synthesis, including downloadable PDF reports on topics like “Techniques for Managing Project Risk” and “”Accelerated Product Development: Techniques and Traps.” If getting to market as fast as possible is what you’re after, taking some time to study this material will give you a leg up.

Above all, keep in mind that no matter what obstacle you are up against, someone has already faced and overcome it. The best thing you can do is turn to product development resources that explain how it was done!

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