Product Development Management, and YOUR Next Step

What is PDM?

Think of Product Development and Management (PDM) as the process that takes place once you have an idea or invention. Taking proper steps toward development and sale of your intellectual property, will ensure the highest possible rate of success in the marketplace and the lowest out-of-pocket costs to you. Below, we will detail the most common procedures involved in effective PDM. You will learn how to save thousands of dollars AND create a more viable product, generating the highest possible return on your investment.

Don’t I need a patent lawyer first, in order to protect my idea?

Patent lawyers are costly – up to $15,000, and should not be the first step toward making an idea a productive reality. Product Development Co. provides safe, confidential and in-depth advice from beginning to end, including strategic partnerships with patent lawyers when it is time for the patent process to begin. The first question should always be “Is my idea cost effective?” A proper analysis by a reputable PDM firm will provide you with valuable information such as:

FeasibilityCan your idea be produced AND provide an effective ROI? Don’t pay legal fees to a patent lawyer without knowing if your idea is even viable! Product Development Co. will give you superior guidance and support in this crucial step of the process. They will also be able to share insight on realistic return on investment expectations. Did you know that with proper PDM and a viable product you can expect to recoup between 8-10 times your initial investment? Vallmar’s understanding of product development, combined with proven success helping inventors just like you, gives the security and assurance that honest, confidential and skilled professionals are working in your best interests.

Cost Analysis – After Product Development Co. reviews an idea, the inventor is provided with a detailed cost analysis. This will include: production costs, targeted selling price of product, preliminary engineering – including a virtual 3D prototype of the product, and an electronic package that will help sell the product, without having to invest in costly prototypes.

Protection – Now you need to protect your idea. Product Development Co. will help manage and secure future success, guiding you through the patent pending process. A much less costly way to test your product in the market, a patent pending application is quick, easy, and provides the peace of mind you need. Maybe your product needs to be redesigned. Utilizing the patent pending process and strategic partnerships with patent lawyers, Vallmar guides inventors through this legal framework, saving their clients thousands of dollars along the way.

How do I turn this into profit?

The next step in product development and management connects your invention with potential buyers. These can range from large companies to targeted industries. Your PDM firm will help guide you to buyers through companies like IdeaBuyer, taking your invention to market and getting it on store shelves.

Finally it is time to reap the rewards of your idea. Product Development Co.’s product management assures the highest ROI based on years of experience and success. With over 20 years helping inventors through this process, they will work just as diligently to make sure your idea is both feasible and profitable. After signing a confidentiality agreement with Product Development Co. your idea will be analyzed by engineers with a long history of developing and advancing successful ideas for such companies as Rubbermaid and Jane Fonda Step Aerobics accessories. They have also helped inventors develop and sell their ideas to large companies like Goodyear.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste another penny. Product Development Co. assures the highest level of confidentiality and peace of mind, as well as a proven success record with 20 years’ experience helping inventors just like you turn inventions into reality and profit. Take action today by calling Vallmar to discuss your options with an experienced Product Development and Management professional. An idea and a dream are all you need to get started.

Let Product Development Co. do the homework for you.

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