Industry: Clothing

Product: Dual-Color Reversible Bra

“The inventor called with an idea that needed to be further developed in order for it to be patented and fully protected. VallMar was able to design the product with unique aspects to be claimed in the patent. As asked by the client, VallMar sent the product’s promotional video to 80 design, manufacturing, and distribution companies. Within a week, a call from New York was received and negotiations began. Throughout negotiations VallMar provided the engineering support necessary for an agreement.

Today, the product is carried by major undergarment retailers.”

Industry: Construction

Product: Heated Caulk Gun

“As the owner of a construction company, the inventor called VallMar for help developing a product to decrease the time necessary in the caulking process by heating the caulk before it is applied. The team developed a solution, which allowed for the caulk to be heated inside of the gun before application. Engineered drawings, ready for manufacturing, were then generated. After development, the inventor patented the invention, and used a video animation by VallMar, to promote his product.

Distributors were contacted, and with immediate interest, negotiations began. Today, the inventor is receiving royalties on the heated caulking gun that can be found in several home improvement stores.”

Industry: Food & Beverage

Product: Single Serving Beverage Dispenser

“When the inventor contacted VallMar, he had already patented his idea for a beverage machine, and needed manufacturing-ready drawings that included the claims made in his patent.

With an extensive engineering background, the VallMar team was able to develop a product that would cool water at room temperature, to 34 degrees Fahrenheit in seven seconds using a Peltier chip, and then dispense the drink. The beverage machine was designed to instantly chill and dispense beverages, without a refrigerator.

The inventor was successful in finding high demand for his product. Once the idea had been fully developed, the inventor took a virtual prototype, created by VallMar, to a company who immediately offered him $75,000 for a licensing deal. The inventor is now in negotiations with large coffee machine companies.

VallMar continues engineering support throughout the meetings and also designed an industrial sized beverage dispenser to supply demand for the machine in larger facilities.”

Industry: Health Care

Product: Ergo Form

“Performing regular endoscopy procedures, this doctor came to VallMar concerned about the health of his wrist. In order to save the wrists of doctors using an endoscope regularly, he wanted to design an attachment that would help him to avoid problems such as carpal tunnel.

Research was conducted regarding the sizes, shapes, and angles of a typical human wrist, in order to develop the product. The solution was an ergonomically friendly attachment for the endoscope, allowing users to affix their wrist at an angle suitable for avoiding wrist problems.

The inventor is now involved in a large-scale clinical test and negotiating with endoscope suppliers.”

Industry: Health Care

Product: Catheter

“Displeased with current catheters, a doctor came to VallMar wanting to develop a safer and easier-to-use catheter. At the time, administers needed both hands to insert the catheter, and were at great risk for being poked. With a rising concern of staph infections, the inventor placed an emphasis on the importance of safety.

The idea was developed, designed, and patented. The inventor is currently in negotiations with three manufacturers and is scheduled for three rounds of clinical testing. VallMar is still assisting with engineering and technical support, when needed.”

Industry: Industrial

Product: Friction Drive Rail

“The owner of a 30-year-old railroad Supply Company contacted VallMar in need of what he thought was a few drawings. The company’s fabrication shops did not understand the changes that needed to be made to his equipment, so he turned to VallMar.

After reviewing the information, the team realized that the company’s operation could be significantly improved. By reverse engineering the machine, and putting each of the 3,000 components into separate assemblies, the end result would be quality ensured.

Three new designs and 12 new patents were obtained by the company, after working with VallMar. The company decreased the machine’s delivery time from 20 weeks to 8 weeks.

Operational costs for the owner decreased 30% because of the work done by the VallMar team.”

Law Enforcement

Product: Foldable Tactical Shield

“As an FBI agent, this inventor had seen too many officers shot while approaching a vehicle. He contacted VallMar to help him develop a light-weight, easy to carry, mode of protection for fellow officers.

In order to make the product bulletproof, the team researched several types of material that could be used for the product. A light-weight material, made out of recycled trash bags, from Honeywell, was the best solution.

Only weighing 3.2 pounds, made out of bulletproof material, the foldable tactical shield has been very popular among law enforcement officers. The inventor is currently in negotiations with SWAT teams, local law enforcement, and fire stations. VallMar continues to provide engineering and development support for the custom made shields.”

Industry: Sports

Product: Grip Cleaner

“As an avid golf player, the inventor was tired of spending large sums of money to change his golf club grips, whenever they were slippery or grimy. Instead, he came to VallMar to develop a product to clean the grips after each game of golf.

In order to file a patent for this product, major development was required. After high quality development, the product was ready to be patented and moved to market.

When determining how to best manufacture the product, VallMar was able to help the client significantly drop his budget from $130,000 to $35,000. Several functioning prototypes were then built as the inventor continued to work with the VallMar team.

The product is currently in the prototyping development stage, and in negotiations with distributors and manufacturers.”