“I have had the honor of knowing and working with Vall and his team for about two years. They worked on one of my medical devices related to IV infusion therapy and needle safety products.Not only was the finished product better than I expected, but the process of working with him was a pleasure. I was always informed throughout the process through emails and phone calls, letting me know exactly where in the process we were.

The extensive engineering background allowed for them to come up with suggestions that made the product more efficient. I appreciated of the input and ideas for making my product something that I will feel confident in showing to industry representatives.
It is because of the above reasons and his high moral standards that, I can recommend VallMar for any future endeavors in the engineering field.

– Armando Pardillo M.D., Anesthesiologist

“They have impressed so much on one prototype that they have engineered and built another one that is currently in the development process. I provided the drawings and guidelines I much needed to be incorporated in my ideas towards both prototypes. From the materials I provided, their performance was excellent. It was the final ingredient to add the finishing touches to the products. They have kept me well informed on my projects that we have formed a good working relationship. Vall’s input has been fantastic and because of his engineering and ideas.

I highly recommend VallMar to anyone looking to develop an idea.”

Paul Rahmer, Highly Satisfied Customer

“We love the work that was done by VallMar. It looks outstanding!!!! I am amazed how they made my idea come to life! As we move forward with new ideas, we will certainly use this team again! I am so appreciative of Vall and his team for all of their hard work!”

– Jennifer

“I would like to say “thanks” to VallMar Studios LLC, and their team, for the development of my project, a car lifting system. I’m sure that without their help I would not be where I am now. I am really glad that I was able to find out about VallMar Studios. Without a doubt, they are the best. “

– Cesar Estepan